Coffeeson JSON + CoffeeScript

Coffeeson is a little syntax that compiles into JSON. Underneath all those awkward braces and commas, JSON has always had a gorgeous data format at its heart. Coffeeson is an attempt to expose the good parts of JSON in a more human maintainable way. ;)

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I recently had a few projects that needed some config files sitting on disk for a Node.JS application. So I should use JSON, right?

JSON is an awesome data exchange format when computer generated, and computer parsed. But when a human has to maintain the raw JSON data, it’s not quite so awesome. Balanced braces, commas everywhere, and quoted key names make maintenance a bit tricky.

Coffeeson aims to solve that. JavaScript powered applications, like node.js servers and the like, tend to use json files as configuration. Humans write these files, but machines read them.

It is not meant to be a data exchange format, there is no way to save data as Coffeeson, only to convert it to JSON or parse it as JavaScript. This is intentional. You should still use JSON for machine -> machine data transmision.

Now you can use the Coffeeson npm module to generate raw JSON, or just get the result without going to JSON at all. It just allows you to use CoffeeScript notation in data files. And I think that’s pretty awesome.


Which would you rather maintain?

npm install coffeeson

Check it out on GitHub